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Relaxing at Home

10 Minute Relaxing Audios

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To use the audios

  • Pick one relaxation to start. It could be any of the 15 relaxations above. Each relaxation has 16 audios.

    • On the first day, listen to the first audio, which has no random sounds.

    • On the second day, listen to the second audio, with random sounds.

    • Continue with one per day until you finish with the audios or become tired of that particular relaxation.

  • Move on to another relaxation, beginning with the first audio. You can repeat audios as long as you don't memorize where the random sounds appear.

  • You can listen to instrumental music or nature sounds in the background if it helps you relax.

  • The random noises should trigger your startle response. If they do not, you may need to turn up the volume.

  • Listen to one audio per day until you have reached the desired level of your startle response.

If you have flashbacks, contact a doctor or therapist. A flashback is re-experiencing a past event by believing you are in that situation again. It is normal, and not a flashback, to simply remember another situation without believing you are actually in it again. If you are having a flashback, you may have PTSD and require further treatment. You may be able to continue the Startle Response Reduction audios under the care of a professional.

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